Tadaland Co-Organizes Educational MBTI Online Talk

Tadaland Co-Organizes Educational MBTI Online Talk

Tadaland and the Education University of Hong Kong Alumni Association co-organized a free online seminar on using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a tool for understanding children’s behaviors. The talk took place on 24 March 2023 via Zoom and was supported by Dimwood and Starbridge Integrated Services.

The seminar was presented by certified MBTI personality type expert, William, to an audience of over 220 participants. It was mainly targeted towards parents, educators, and social workers in Hong Kong, but was also attended by many others who were interested in the topic. The online talk delved into utilizing the MBTI 16 personalities to grasp interpersonal dynamics and enhance communication, particularly within the parent-child relationship. It aimed to allow a better understanding of child psychology and to aid adults in helping children uncover their full potential by individualizing teaching according to their needs and aptitudes.

Tadaland’s 16 MBTI characters played a key role in the educational talk. The well-researched and expertly designed characters not only enriched the talk but were also used to explain the various habits and inclinations of each personality type. All participants of the seminar were gifted with an electronic poster featuring all our characters.

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