Tadaland's Brand Name

Tadaland began in November 2020. We are named after that ‘ta-da!’ moment of joy and surprise.

About Us

Tadaland began in Hong Kong in November 2020. We are named after that ‘ta-da!’ moment of joy and surprise. We are a professional team of artists, designers, illustrators, animators, musicians, lyricists, personality type experts, educators, linguists, and marketing experts with a common vision. Through our human-centered brand, we aim to help people everywhere discover their worth and potential and use their gifts to make an impact for the better. 

Our journey began in 2018, when the 16 characters first appeared in the sketchbook of designer and educator Liora Li (co-founder of Tadaland). The final designs were developed in collaboration with MBTI experts and were the collective effort of a group of dedicated designers over a period of 4 years.

  • Apparel & Accessories

    Look great and show-off your personality with Tadaland tees, phone cases and tote bags.

  • Toys

    Cuddle with Tadamate plushes and have fun with our puzzles.

  • Publications

    Join the Tadamates in our original storybooks, educational books and MBTI guidebooks.

  • Seminars & Workshops

    We also run MBTI Seminars and workshops for parents of children with special educational needs (SEN).

  • Courses

    We offer the ‘Tadaland Phonics Adventure’ course to schools with students of Pre-N to K3 level. This exclusive course includes 43 original phonics songs and animated videos to accompany learning.

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