Tadaland x E.TEA Chinese New Year Campaign

Tadaland x E.TEA Chinese New Year Campaign

Tadaland and E.Tea teamed up for a special collaboration to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!

The beloved Tadamate Mellow the rabbit (ISFP personality type) and her friend Apollo (INFP personality type) make special appearances on limited edition cups for E.Tea’s popular bubble tea and fruit teas and were offered at exclusive discounts. They were available at all 32 stores across Hong Kong and the cute characters were featured on the large posters decorating each store. They attracted much love and attention from foodies and were popular with KOLs and social media bloggers.

This collab marks the first time the two Hong Kong brands have worked together. Tadaland tailor-designed a playful set of animated stickers for E.Tea, usable on WhatsApp and Signal. The stickers allow fans to send New Year greetings in an adorable and playful manner, sharing the joy of the festive season with family and friends.

Download our animated stickers below!

https://getstickerpack.com/stickers/tadaland-x-etea-cny-2023 (FREE)

https://whatsticker.online/p/647912yTURO2T/US/zh (FREE)

https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/21964051/en (PAID)

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