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2024 UPDATE of ITZY's MBTI Personality Types! Find out if ITZY members are"Not Shy" or "LOCO"?

After recently releasing their newest EP "Kill My Doubt" at the end of July this year, ITZY from JYP Entertainment has yet again broken records with over 300,000 album sales on the FIRST DAY of release. One ingredient in their recipe of their "CAKE" called success is the Kpop group's blend of the MBTI personality types.

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Mixing any of the 16 personality types from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator can allow any group, even Kpop groups, achieve success. However, the 5 ITZY members use the strengths of their personality traits to cover each other's weaknesses and play to their own strengths as much as possible. This will certainly be something our Tadamates could learn a valuable lesson from. Let's find out what ITZY is cooking up!

1. Yeji - ESFJ Personality Type 🐮

Good MBTI Compatibility: ISFJ, INTP, ENTP Personality Type

Yeji Leader ITZY CAKE Wannabe ESFJ Pixi MBTI Personality Type

ITZY Leader Yeji possesses the captivating ESFJ personality type. Just like Pixi the Cow from Tadaland, Yeji shares the ESFJ personality traits of warmth and dedication to her friends and loved ones. With her vibrant energy and innate ability to connect with others, she brings a touch of harmony and cheerfulness to every situation. As a true ESFJ character, her empathy and strong sense of responsibility make her a reliable pillar of support. Whether on stage or in daily life, both Yeji and Pixi remind us of the radiant charm and nurturing spirit that define the ESFJ personality trait in the Myers Briggs 16 personality types framework.

2. Lia - ENFJ Personality Type 🐶

Good MBTI Compatibility: INFP, INFJ, ENFP

Lia ITZY CAKE Wannabe ENFJ Micah MBTI Personality Type

Lia, the radiant vocalist of ITZY, shines with her ENFJ personality type that mirrors the warm and nurturing traits of our MBTI character, Micah the Husky of Tadaland. Just as Micah spreads cheer as a reliable friend, Lia's ENFJ personality trait draws people in with her charismatic and caring nature. Embracing her ENFJ character among the other 16 personality types, Lia exemplifies the power of empathy and leadership, reflecting the essence of Micah's gentle guidance and supportive presence.

3. Ryujin - INTJ Personality Type 🦅

Good MBTI Compatibility:  ENFP, ENTP, INFJ Personality Types

Ryujin ITZY CAKE Wannabe INTJ Jimi MBTI Personality Type

Lead dancer and main rapper of ITZY, Ryujin lights up the stage with the INTJ personality type (one of the rarest MBTI personality types for females), aligning her analytical and strategic traits with the observant qualities of the MBTI character Jimi the Eagle from Tadaland. Just as the eagle-eyed Jimi soars as the vigilant observer, Ryujin's INTJ personality trait reflects her keen insight and calculated approach. Embodying the INTJ personality type, Ryujin exemplifies the power of rationality and vision, mirroring Jimi's perceptive perspective and focused determination.

4. Chaeryeong - ISFJ Personality Type 🐔

Good MBTI Compatibility: ESFJ, ISFP, ISTJ Personality Types

Chaeryong ITZY CAKE Wannabe ISFJ Mozzarella MBTI Personality Type

Captivating the stage as the main dancer, Chaeryeong from ITZY radiates with the ISFJ personality type, mirroring the nurturing and dependable traits embodied by the ISFJ character Mozzarella the Chicken from Tadaland. Just as Mozzarella's caring nature warms hearts, Chaeryeong's ISFJ personality traits shine through her selfless and supportive qualities. Chaeryeong truly exemplifies the ISFJ personality type with her strengths of reliability and empathy, akin to Mozzarella's protective demeanor and caring instincts.

5. Yuna - ENFP Personality Type 🐬

Good MBTI Compatibility: INFP, ENFJ, INFJ Personality Types

Yuna ITZY CAKE Wannabe ENFP Jolly MBTI Personality Type

The spirited lead rapper and visual Yuna from ITZY embodies the ENFP personality type, just like the vibrant and joyful MBTI character Jolly the Dolphin from Tadaland. Just as Jolly dives into life with vitality, Yuna's ENFP personality traits lightens up the stage and the mood through her boundless energy and enthusiasm. Yuna is a staple ENFP personality type, encapsulating the essence of creativity and passion, mirroring Jolly's zest for life and friendly nature.

We can see through their MBTI compatibilities that one member is actually compatible with another, complementing each other's strengths while making up for the other's weaknesses. Though after a little investigating, our Tadamates found that some of their MBTI types actually changed! Was it because personality types change over time or because working with different people shape your own personality type? Seems the Tadamates have something interesting they want to report about in the future now!

Click this link to watch the video of ITZY talk about their MBTI types. Go to our blog page if you want to read more on different Kpop groups and idols on their MBTI personality type. If you want to browse our MBTI-themed product collections, head to our shop and feel free to peruse our collection. 


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