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Find Out Red Velvet's MBTI Personality Types in 2023 with the Tadamates!

Debuting in 2014, Red Velvet has maintained their status as one of the most popular Kpop girl groups in the whole Kpop scene. With Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri all working together to create music and create an army of loyal Luvies, they certainly will not be stopping in their endeavour to reach the top. Although they have not been extremely active since the release of "Bloom", their next expected comeback is towards the end of November in 2023.

What makes a group like Red Velvet so special? Well, it's the same thing as what makes all other Kpop groups so special too! It's their different mix of personality types that mix and work together so well that allows them to work together in perfect sync. According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, these personality traits are divided into 4 categories, that can mix together to create 16 personality types that are all different from one another. Let's see which MBTI personality types do Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri all have!

1. Irene - INFJ Personality Type

Good INFJ Compatibility: ENFJ, INTJ, and INFP Personality Types

Irene Red Velvet MBTI Personality Type INFJ Personality Roro

Meet Irene from the K-pop group Red Velvet, who has the rarest MBTI type, the INFJ personality type. She also resonates with the introspective and empathetic nature of our MBTI chraracter Roro the Squirrel from Tadaland. Irene, known as the group's leader, embodies the qualities of an INFJ personality.

INFJ personalities are often seen as the empaths of the MBTI personality types. They also have a unique blend of creativity and practicality. Like a guiding force, INFJ characters are natural leaders who value deep connections and empathise with others' emotions. Irene's role as a leader reflects her INFJ personality traits, as she is known for her thoughtfulness and ability to bring people together. Her gentle and compassionate nature aligns well with the INFJ personality type, making her an advocate for both her group and her fans.

2. Joy - INFP Personality Type

Good INFP Compatibility: ENFP, INFJ, and INTP Personality Types

Joy Red Velvet MBTI Personality Type INFP Personality Apollo

Joy from Red Velvet resonates with the INFP personality type. As the lead rapper, she brings her unique INFP personality traits to the stage, just like our MBTI character of Tadaland, Apollo the Turtle.

The INFP personality type, which is Joy's MBTI type belongs, is known for its creative and empathetic nature. Those with these personality types are like dreamers who value authenticity and connection. Joy's performances on stage reflect her ability to express herself passionately, embodying the artistic and sensitive qualities of an INFP character. Her genuine interactions with fans and her expressive style align well with the INFP personality type's focus on fostering deep connections and embracing individuality.

3. Seulgi - ISFP Personality Type

Good ISFP Compatibility: ESFP, ISFJ, INFP Personality Types

Seulgi Red Velvet MBTI Personality Type ISFP Personality Mellow

Seulgi from Red Velvet has the ISFP personality type, making her a versatile lead vocalist in the group, much like our MBTI character Mellow the Rabbit from Tadaland, who loves sharing joy through her songs.

The ISFP personality type is known for being artistic, sensitive, and caring. Individuals with this personality type are in tune with their emotions and enjoy expressing themselves through various forms of creativity. Just as Seulgi pours her heart into her music and performances, ISFP characters often find solace in artistic expression. With her warm and genuine nature, Seulgi's MBTI creates a deep connection with her fans through her heartfelt performances and relatable personality, embodying the INFP personality type.

4. Yeri - INTP Personality Type

Good INTP Compatibility: ENTP, INFP, INTJ Personality Types

Yeri Red Velvet MBTI Personality Type INTP Personality Cappu-Cappu

Yeri from Red Velvet belongs to the INTP personality type, which also makes her the youngest member in the group. Just like Cappu-Cappu the Owl from Tadaland, Yeri's INTP traits add a unique and curious touch to her character.

INTP personalities are known for their logical and analytical thinking. They love to explore ideas and concepts, much like solving puzzles. Yeri's MBTI gives her a playful and thoughtful nature that aligns with the INTP personality type. As the youngest member of Red Velvet, she brings her own perspective to the group and isn't afraid to share her innovative ideas. INTPs, like Yeri, have a knack for seeing the world through a different lens, often adding a touch of intellectual creativity to their interactions and endeavors.

5. Wendy - ISFP Personality Type

Good ISFP Compatibility: ESFP, ISFJ, INFP Personality Types

Wendy Red Velvet MBTI Personality Type ISFP Personality Mellow

Meet Wendy from Red Velvet. Similar to Seulgi, Wendy's MBTI is also the ISFP personality type. Just as Wendy has the same MBTI personality type as Mellow the Rabbit from Tadaland, her traits bring a soft and harmonious touch to her role.

The ISFP personality type, to which Wendy belongs, is characterised by its artistic and sensitive nature. These individuals are like true artists, expressing themselves through various creative outlets. Wendy's powerful vocals and emotional performances mirror the ISFP traits of being in tune with their emotions and creating meaningful connections with their art. Her journey as a main vocalist showcases her ability to bring depth and authenticity to Red Velvet's music, aligning with the ISFP personality type's unique strengths.

As we can see, all of the compatibilities of each of the Red Velvet members have someone else in the group with the same MBTI personality type! That means their teamwork was fated to happen from the very beginning!

If you want to watch the Red Velvet members discuss on their MBTI types, click this link to watch the video. Click this link to go to our blog page if you want to read more articles about different Kpop groups and idols, or anime characters on their MBTI personality type. If you want to browse our MBTI-themed product collections, head to our shop and feel free to peruse our collection. 

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