Uncanny Encounter Season 2 Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type

Encounter the MBTI Personality Types of Uncanny Encounter 2023's main cast!

After an extremely successful and just-as-riveting first season, The Uncanny Encounter directors and cast have begun releasing the second season of the show, dubbed The Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch. With Cho Byeong Ku, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yeom Hye Ran, and new to the series Yoo In Soo, this cast certainly would be giving us another edge-of-the-seat watch in this newest season.

With the first season being such a big hit, has anyone wondered why so many people were so drawn in by their acting skills? Well, it's not individual acting that makes a Kdrama or any show extremely worth the watch. The mix of personalities of different actors on set are certainly also another factor in how well a show turns out to be.

According to the Myers Briggs Personality Type, there are 16 personality types that everyone can be categorised into, and these stars are no exception to that. If anything, the actors and director Yoo Seon Dong surely understand themselves so well to the point that they are able to utilise their strengths and cover for their weaknesses. So lets figure out which personality types do the main cast of The Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch have with our Tadamates!

1. Cho Byeong Kyu - ENFP Personality Type 🐬

Good ENFP Compatibility: INFP, ENTP, and ESFP Personality Types

Cho Byeong Kyu So Moon Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type ENFP Personality

Cho Byeong Kyu, the talented actor who portrays So Moon in "The Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch" embodies the ENFP personality type. Just like the MBTI character Jolly the Dolphin from Tadaland, Cho Byeong Kyu's MBTI type brings energy and enthusiasm that light up the screen, bringing a sense of exuberance to his performances. The vibrant and outgoing nature of ENFP characters resonates with the joyful spirit of Jolly.

ENFP personalities like Cho Byeong Kyu are known for their creativity and passion. With their boundless imagination, they often excel in artistic endeavours, much like acting. Those with these personality traits are often free spirits who embrace new challenges, just as Cho Byeong Kyu embraced the role of So Moon. ENFP characters thrive in social situations, much like actors who engage with diverse characters and audiences. This personality type's warmth and charisma mirror the magnetic presence that Cho Byeong Kyu's MBTI type brings to his character, making him a true embodiment of both the ENFP traits and the role he plays in the drama.

2. Yoo Joon Sang - INTJ Personality Type 🦅

Good INTJ Compatibility: ENTJ, INFJ, and INTP Personality Types

Yoo Joon Sang Ga Mo Tak Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type ENFP INTJ Personality

As the talented actor that portrays Ga Mo Tak in "The Uncanny Encounter", Yoo Joon Sang's MBTI type is of the INTJ personality type. Among the main actors, he stands as the only introvert. Similar to the MBTI character Jimi the Eagle from Tadaland, who soars the skies with wisdom, Yoo Joon Sang brings depth to his role with his analytical and introspective nature.

The INTJ personality, to which Yoo Joon Sang belongs, is known for its strategic and logical approach to life. Much like an actor delving into various roles, INTJ characters often find themselves drawn to intellectual challenges. With a creative mindset, they use their intuition to envision new possibilities. These traits align well with Yoo Joon Sang's portrayal of Ga Mo Tak, a character that requires both cunning and contemplation to navigate the complexities of battling supernatural forces. Just as Ga Mo Tak embraces his role as a supernatural hunter, Yoo Joon Sang showcases the determination of those with the INTJ personality traits to excel in their endeavors, even when the path ahead is enigmatic.

3. Kim Se Jeong - ENTP Personality Type🦎

Good ENTP Compatibility: INTP, ENFP, and ENTJ Personality Types

Kim Se Jeong Do Ha Na Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type ENTP Personality

Kim Se Jeong portrays Do Ha Na in "The Uncanny Encounter," and she also embodies the ENTP personality type. Just like the MBTI character Pierre the Chameleon from Tadaland, who can change color and size, Kim Se Jeong adapts her personality to fit various roles, showing her versatility as an actress. Just as Pierre's adaptability serves him well in different situations, Kim Se Jeong's MBTI ability to transform herself brings depth to her characters.

The ENTP personality type, to which Kim Se Jeong belongs, is marked by curiosity and a love for exploring new ideas. Similarly, in the world of acting, Kim Se Jeong's portrayal of Do Ha Na showcases her innovative approach to bringing a character to life. ENTP personalities are known for their creative thinking, and this aligns well with the dynamic nature of acting, where imagination and innovation play key roles. Kim Se Jeong's capacity to effortlessly switch between roles and embody various personalities reflects the essence of an ENTP characters' multifaceted traits.

4. Yeom Hye Ran - ENFP Personality Type🐬

Good ENFP Compatibility: INFP, ENTP, and ESFP Personality Types

Yeom Hye Ran Chu Mae Ok Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type ENFP Personality

Yeom Hye Ran, the talented actor who portrays the character Chu Mae Ok in "The Uncanny Encounter," is an ENFP personality type similar to Cho Byeong Kyu. Just like the vibrant and energetic Jolly the Dolphin from Tadaland, ENFP characters like Yeom Hye Ran are known for their enthusiasm and creativity. They have a natural ability to bring a cheerful and lively spirit to their roles, just like Jolly does in Tadaland.

ENFP personalities who share Yeom Hye Ran's MBTI type are full of energy and imagination. They love exploring new ideas and possibilities, making them a perfect fit for the world of acting. Just as Yeom Hye Ran brings life to the character Chu Mae Ok, ENFP personalities often excel at portraying a wide range of emotions and personalities. Those with this personality trait thrive on connecting with others and are known for their warmth and empathy. With their boundless enthusiasm, they can bring depth and authenticity to their performances, making characters come alive in a way that captures the hearts of audiences.

5. Yoo In Soo - ESFP Personality Type 🐦‍⬛

Good ESFP Compatibility: ISFP, ESTP, and ENFP Personality Types

Yoo In Soo Na Jeok Bong Uncanny Encounter: Counter Punch MBTI Personality Type ENFP Personality

Yoo In Soo, known for playing Na Jeok Bong in "The Uncanny Encounter," embodies the ESFP personality type. This aligns with the vibrant Taro the Swallow from Tadaland. ESFP characters both like Yoo In Soo and Taro are full of energy and excitement, ready to spread their wings and explore the world around them.

ESFP personalities are outgoing, social, and love being in the spotlight, much like Yoo In Soo's role as an actor and his character Na Jeok Bong. They thrive in creative environments and bring a lively spirit to their pursuits. Just as Na Jeok Bong adds a touch of comedy and charm to "The Uncanny Encounter". Those with the ESFP personality trait infuse their surroundings with positivity and enthusiasm. Whether on-screen or in their everyday lives, Yoo In Soo and other ESFP characters share a zest for life that makes them magnetic and engaging to those around them.

With this mix of personalities, the cast of the second season of The Uncanny Character is sure to bring us another amazing series to binge watch on Netflix.

One actor, Yeom Hye Ran on this list was also featured in another one of our articles that talks about the MBTI personality types of the cast members of another Kdrama, Mask Girl. Stay tuned on our blogs to read the article and find out how well she fits in with her cast mates in a different show.

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